Rights Clinic is a legal Alexandria is the first in Egypt, and seeks to set many of the Sunan offices that can be adopted by any legal clinic Egyptian or Arab. Ranging from the ways in which select students who are integrated, and the multiplicity of contemporary issues dealt with, and documentation of academic and administrative experience first hand the site on the pages of human Alexandria-mail. 

It is also legal clinic extension intellectually to the role of human Alexandria, and thus constitute an extension of the identity of the rights of Alexandria in the legal environment surrounding them, as the first national institution studying the law to strengthen its sovereignty in a professional manner professional and, secondly, an academic institution analyzes the doctrine and compares scientific way contemporary, III Foundation Alexandria enrich the diversity of tributaries intellectual environment and the evolution of community socially, economically and politically. 

Clinic seeks in general to: 

Training students on the ethics of the practice of the legal profession, regardless of the practical exercise of the center (Law Firm - Arbitration - Justice - etc ...) 
Training students on the responsibilities and obligations imposed by the legal profession 
Train students in professional skills that are difficult to teach through lecture Academy 
Training students to work as a team and handling of his leadership and devotion to the goal 
Training students to devote a part of their time to the development of their community against community-based non-financial assessment. 

Legal Clinic program is a connecting link between the natural water inlet of Legal Sciences of the intellectual and practical. The program aims to strengthen the connection Tlab life process and allow them the opportunity to friction, the legal labor market and the development of practical skills. The program comes in the context of cooperation with the College Johns Hopkins University of America, in order to benefit from the U.S. experience in clinical legal education or clinical. Although human Alexandria several previous experiences embraced the moot court - which serves as another form of legal education clinical - but that the new program seeks to make the practice more systematic and accumulation of experiences, and more competitive where students are involved, and more diversified in terms of contemporary issues which dealt with, and more involved in the legal environment surrounding the rights of Alexandria 

Order the latest news from the oldest: 
05/03/2101: the training plan for the first unit - Professional Responsibility and the Lawyer-client relationship 
01/03/2010: Scale exercises legal clinic for the Third Brigade, Fourth Division, and English 
Plan the teaching of the first unit: professional liability and the relationship with his client Lawyer 
for students third year and fourth year Practical exercises